Milwaukee Electricians Excel in Exceptional Workplace Safety

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Terminal-Andrae’s Milwaukee electrical contractors are committed to providing our valued Wisconsin businesses with quality electrical equipment, exceptional electrical preventative maintenance and safe project management. Our certified electricians are trained in superior occupational safety. Terminal Andrae’s Milwaukee electricians always comply with strict federal and state safety regulations, ensuring ultimate safety in your facility!

Milwaukee Electrical Contractors Occupational Safety Regulation Compliance

Occupational safety education is absolutely critical in our industry, among our employees and yours. Terminal-Andrae’s Milwaukee electrical contractors are highly trained in accident prevention instruction. Our electricians adhere to all safety regulations including those set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), OSHA and the Department of Labor. By implementing proper protective safety guards and devices, coupled with proper safety equipment and strict safety regulations, Terminal-Andrae prides itself on its superior occupational safety measures. Our Milwaukee electricians are trained year around on occupational health and safety topics, including Arc Flash Solutions (70e Compliance).  Terminal –Andrae’s electricians are constantly educated on the most recent breakthroughs in electrical safety protocols and procedures.  

Electrical Safety Training

Terminal-Andrae’s electrical engineers provide educational workplace safety training to keep you and your employees safe at all times. We instruct our customers on electrical equipment safety procedures, emergency procedures, danger zones and a host of other safety training topics. From medium voltage construction workers to factory assembly line workers and everything in between, we cover a vast array of Milwaukee manufacturing and production industries.

Equipment Safety Policies

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