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Vector Signal Analysis Software MilwaukeeVector Signal Analysis

We can measure the magnitute and phase of an input signal at a single frequency with the purpose of making in-channel measurements, like:
  • spectral flatness
  • error vector magnitute
  • code domain power
Our vector signal analysis measures snf demodulates digitally-modulated signals like:
  • W-CDMA
  • WLAN
  • LTE
The measurements we take can be used to figure out the quality of modulation. It can be used to validate designs or compliance testing.

Machine and Electrical Diagnostics

In your manufacturing facility, your equipment must be up to snuff. If you don’t address machinery issues, they will lose efficiency, fall out of compliance, or worse: cause injury. Our maintenance technicians at Terminal-Andrae Electrical are at your service to help you keep your equipment running right and your production values high. We will bring in specialists equipped with highly accurate vector signal analyzers to ascertain the causes of your voltage issues so that you can repair, instead of replace your equipment.

Milwaukee’s Phase Vector Analysis Pros

Our industry-leading experts will arrive on site 24/7 to measure the vector magnitude and direction of voltage in the complex circuits of your most valued equipment to make sure it is running optimally. Phase Vector Analysis offers many advantages:
  • Multi-faceted—Uses voltages and magnetic variables along with vector currents to illustrate electrical phenomena occurring in machines and diagnose voltage irregularities.
  • Simplicity—Offers a clear visualization of machine dynamics with fewer system equations
  • Data-supported answers—Measurements lead to a proper analytical solutions to hidden anomalies within systems.
  • Detects inefficiencies—In iterative learning controllers (ILC), three phase systems can develop lag between sequential power frequency cycles. This causes accumulation followed by output overshoot. The overshoot is a definite inefficiency, costing your company money, and can be dangerous in an industrial setting.

Wisconsin Leader in Electrical Engineering and Design

The skilled engineers and designers at Terminal-Andrae Inc. will create the product that you need from concept to realization. Our technicians assure phase vector efficiency so the product you receive will perform like you expect.

Expect Quality in Milwaukee

Wisconsin businesses depend on us to provide custom products for their specific needs. Come join the distinguished list of clients that have benefitted from Terminal Andrae’s electrical services:

Food and Beverage, Brewing, Processing and Packaging:

  • Miller Brewing Co. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Watertown Hops Co. - Watertown, Wisconsin
  • Leinenkugel's Brewing Co. - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  • ADM Cocoa - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Unilever - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Cargill Food Service - Butler, Wisconsin
  • General Mills Process/ Packaging Facility of Snack Products - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Baptista's Bakery - Franklin, Wisconsin
  • Ocean Spray Beverage Manufacturing Plant and Warehouse - Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Nestlé - Burlington, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Heavy Equipment, Electrical Mfg. and Mining

  • Bucyrus International - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Eaton Corp - Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • DRS Technologies - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Charter Wire - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • P&H Mining Equipment - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Falk Corporation - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Printing Companies

  • Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • A to Z Printing - Waukesha, Wisconsin

Institutions of Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin Lutheran College
  • City of Pewaukee

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