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Milwaukee Insulator Cleaning Service

Protect Your Employees and Equipment with Insulator Cleaning from Milwaukee Electricians

At Terminal-Andrae, we know preventative electrical maintenance of your transmission is just as important as precise installation. Without proper maintenance, many manufacturing plants and mills experience contamination build-up capable of causing power outages, electrocution hazards and dangerous electrical arc flashes

Our Milwaukee 🐎electrical contractors clean your transmission components and remove contaminants to improve the efficiency of your insulators and protect you and your equipment.

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We evaluate your transmission for excess moisture and build-up before determining the most effective, cost-efficient maintenance plan. Our electricians perform thorough cleaning of electrical transmission components, including:

  • Insulators
  • Bushings
  • Lighting arrestors
  • Current-transformers
  • Potential transformers
  • Stress cones
  • Potheads
  • Fuse holders
  • Switches
  • Terminators
  • Trificators
  • Guy-wire insulators

Failure to clean electric insulators can result in electric “bridges” that bypass your insulator and find the shortest path to the ground (phase-to-ground fault). This can result in dangerous and expensive consequences, including:

  • Insulator explosion, etching, or chipping
  • Circuit-tripping
  • Exposed live lines
  • Damage to transformers and breakers
Take action to prevent these harmful disasters and contact the preventative electrical maintenance team at Terminal-Andrae.

Electrical Contactor Cleans and Repairs All Types of Power Transmission Insulators in Wisconsin

Terminal-Andrae provides insulator cleaning for all commercial and industrial electrical systems in Southeast Wisconsin. Our Milwaukee 📖electricians are familiar with insulators made from a variety of materials with different resistivity properties.

We have experience cleaning power transmission insulators made from materials, including:
  • Glass Insulators—Often referred to as carnival glass, these types of insulators tend to draw moisture and are being produced less frequently in favor of other materials. Because of their difficulty to produce and common irregularities, these rare insulators have become a collector’s item in some circles.
  • Porcelain Insulators—Made from compound made from quartz, clay, feldspar or alumina, these are commonly called ceramic insulators and are produced with an outer glaze to resist water. Alumina-made porcelain insulators are valued for their mechanical strength, but they aren’t able to withstand the higher electric fields that carnival glass insulators can. Many manufacturers switched from glass to ceramic materials in the mid-20th century.
  • Composite Polymers Insulators—These insulators have the benefit of low cost and high water resistance. They are often made with a plastic central rod and an outer shell made from silicone rubber. They do well in highly polluted areas but don’t have the lifespan of other materials.
No matter what material your insulators are made of, they must remain clean to prevent dangerous arcing and flashovers. Terminal-Andrae has the skill and expertise to keep your power transmission running safely and effectively.

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Schedule Cleaning for Any Electric Insulator Structure in the Greater Milwaukee Area

In addition to different materials, insulators are engineered with structural variety to enhance performance. Terminal-Andrae has knowledge with all common insulator structures, including:
  • Pin-Type Insulator—These are commonly used to transmit electricity at less than 33 kilovolts and is mounted on a long pin at the end of a crossbar on a utility pole or suspension pylon.
  • Suspension Insulator—As voltages increase, pin-type insulators become less practical. Suspension transmission insulators link together and hang from the crossbar while connected to the conductor; they are capable of insulating voltage loads in excess of 33 kilovolts.
  • Bushings—These come in many different variations depending on need; they connect conductors to things like distribution transformers and circuit breakers, passing the current through grounded barriers like the metal walls of a transformer while protecting the conductor and preventing dangerously high energy fields.
  • Strain Insulator—Tension increases when transmission lines come to dead ends or need to pass around an angle. As the name suggests, these insulators are specialized to withstand excessive mechanical stress and prevent possible breakage.
  • Shackled Insulator—These are used in place of strain insulators where the voltage is less than 11 kV.

Trust our Milwaukee🅰 electricians to perform thorough electric insulator cleaning and preventative electrical maintenance at your manufacturing facility. Our experts work efficiently to improve the performance of your power transmission and ensure your safety.

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