Fastener Torque

Keeping Equipment Secure and Efficient with Proper Torque

Why Proper Fastener Torque is Essential

Proper Fastener Torque

Your business depends on its equipment being efficient and safe. This means ensuring the tensile health of all of its fasteners, nuts and bolts. In any application, bolt fasteners experience tension. If the tension is too high, fastener threads will strip and the bolt will fail; too low and the nut will vibrate and eventually work itself off the bolt. Constant and even bolt tension is paramount to optimal joint strength. A bolt’s threads convert torque applied from a wrench into tension between the nut seat and the underhand seat (the bolt’s head) to create clamping force. As torque is applied, the bolt’s shank stretches and may be subject to more tension than the bolt can handle depending on material used, load rating and thread coarseness.

Material Creep

When twisting force is enacted, some materials like gaskets and spring washers will produce a certain amount of play as the joint relaxes. This variable is known as material creep and it will prevent optimal torque application if it is not considered. There are some steps that our technicians take to ensure a proper joint fit:
  • The fastener is properly secured, then untightened to allow the material to flex. It is then properly torqued for a tight and constant fit.
  • Allow a waiting period, followed by a re-torqueing.
  • A partial joint redesign to reduce creep. This may include replacing plastic washers and gaskets with a sealing compound or steel washers.
  • Using a reduced RPM tool for final torque application.

Fastener Maintenance Experts

Terminal Andrae has the tools and the talent to inspect and diagnose potential fastener problems before they fail and cost you thousands. To keep your machines running flawlessly and your production at peak efficiency, run maintenance checks on all bolts and fasteners today.

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